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Originally Posted by Cors View Post
Gor for it! Be as exact or specific as you want.
Gor? I always found Gorean play to be unimaginative and unrealistic -- and the books just stank after about the 3rd one... oh wait, that was a typo? Nevermind

Age: 36

Location: San Diego

Gender: Male (physically and identified)

Orientation: Bi - usually flitting to and fro between about 1.5 and 2 on the Kinsey Scale

Interests: Sci-fi, music, poker, pr0n, karaoke, adult discussion.

More about yourself: I'm a BHM myself, about 5'10" and #280. In a 9+ year relationship with two wonderful BBWs. Interestingly enough, the women I'm attracted to are pretty much exclusively fat, but with men, it's usually the sex and the sex act I'm attracted to, moreso than the visual presentation of any specific man - that is to say, I'm not specifically an FA when it comes to men.

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