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Babygirlneedsu can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBabygirlneedsu can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default SSBBW rock my world..

Dear Donni, firstly hi !! It's nice to 'meet' an American girl in the next shire and having just found your interesting post I feel compelled to chip in [ and yes the portions over here are small ]. Well, I am a gay woman who loves ssbbw and from my side this is doubly disastrous as it is not only difficult to be gay but it is very difficult to meet really big and gorgeous girls in fat fearing Britain. Fat people hide away and have little confidence or the problems of poor mobility to attend social venues. It breaks two taboos for me to have to admit my full attraction preferences to friends and family and indeed , when I told my mum that I had started to visit DIMS and was thinking of going to a bbw bash, she snapped at me 'but you're not fat like that....what do you want to go there for ? ' I have just given up trying to talk about it and mostly despair of ever finding someone to settle down with.I also doubt whether,as a female FA, I would be accepted / welcomed at such an event. The lesbian community [ via gay dancing ] I have met in London are very judgemental and suspicious of anyone who dresses girly and wears the dreaded lipstick. I have been shunned for dancing with men [gay ones] as some of the women see men as the enemy and expect women to adopt the short hair trouser look, if not the full testosterone swagger ! I have seen a couple of dream women for me on DIMS and think I should swap places with you and move to America, where, although I have never been, I get the impression that there are quite a lot of confident self loving fatties and some great nightclubs dedicated to making big girls feel loved and at home ? I am a size 14/16 and have actually put on nearly a stone since reading the posts on here as all the food talk and piccys are seductive and it makes getting fatter easier or even desirable amongst friends. It is disastrous mid aft to log on to read something like ' what is your fav. cupcake flavour ?' and not head for the kitchen.
I have read a bit about you already and wish you luck with your WLS journey.If ever you want to go to a PRIDE don't let anyone put you off and if you want some moral support I will go with you.
Glad to hear that you are happily married to a good begs the question whether you would now act on bi desires now that you are hitched ? This seems to be an itch you want to scratch ? Bye for now, Lucy

p.s I am very impressed...and a tad think that you have touched tummies with the divine Goddess Patty - awesome [ as the yanks say ! ]
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