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Thumbs up Hi!

Freedombigirl - love the T-shirt you're wearing in your pic!!!
About me:
Location: Oregon USA
Gender: female
Orientation: lesbian
Interests: Dimensions forum (of course), weight gain stories, my sexy curvy girlfriend (of almost 4 years ), outdoor living, energy conservation, saving our mother earth, tie dye, hemp jewelery, knitting, reading (anything), watching funny movies, being right and talking about it
More about yourself: Like I mentioned I've been with my girl almost 4 years now, she's my soulmate. I came out when I was fresh out of high school; I should have known I was gay early in life but I was brought up Catholic so the thought/option never really crossed my mind, until I fell in love with my best friend and told her I wanted to kiss her. My family has been amazingly supportive about my gayness, I think they're used to it by now even if they were uncomfortably shocked in the beginning. I was more involved in the queer community in my college days, now we live in a pretty small town and I've lost track of most of my gay friends from my past. I am so over joyed that Dimensions added this forum, thank you who ever made this possible, it means so much to have a place to go where others accept you and some even have similar interests!!! I've felt that way since the day I found this site not long ago. Before I found Dimensions I wasn't sure what my love of weight gain and curvy women was all about, but since I've found this site and told my girlfriend all about my fetish my life has been awesome! Thanks Dimensions!
Picture(s) if any: this is my new piercing (now more than a year old lol) but I couldn't find any new pics of my new haircut, I'll have to work on that
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