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Thumbs up "new" reply to an old topic ;o)

well... on one hand this board doesnt seem to do much for me (or vice versa ) - im not THAT much of an internet-person, never ever visited a chatroom e.g., too shy to write personal messages to people just because they share my sexual interests. AND im from that little country farfaraway of most of the guys & gals round here, so that actually MEETING anybody "off the board" is quite unlikely. not to mention my BIG beautiful boyfriend, because of whom i gotta refrain from any encounter with the slightest erotical background .

on the other hand, especially on days like this (when my boyfriend is working 150 miles away, and everything sucks so much that i cant go to work myself etc pp) DIMs is one, if not THE thing that keeps me alive!
sounds quite dramatic, naja, but to put it in plain words: sex is one major force that pulls me through live. and my sex is -whatasurprise- centered around well-build BHM. i find a lot of them here -> THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! youre awesome!

though im mostly into stories (STORIES, STORIES! give me something to read!!!! [ow, what an oral fixation ;] ), i like the "real live" touch this board provides.

thanxxxx again, keep on rockin! b.g.
some person once said "less is more". this sounds quite nice, but is rather rubbish, because MORE is MORE. :blush:
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