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Default Not a Confession, well maybe. . .

I read a bit back on this thread about some of the lovely ladies having a "craving" for something but not being able to acquire something to satisfy, or not exactly sure what the craving is.

I don't know about anyone else but why do those cravings happen when nothing is open but Super Wal-Mart, Steak and Shake, or someplace just too far away to go to?

I have a dear lady friend from Cleveland, I met in the Dimchat room and from time to time we meet for lunch. There is a small area in Montrose, ( a suburb of Akron) where we meet and I swear within a half mile radius there are no less than 30 restaurants, of all kinds. It's wonderful, we've tried almost all of them over the course of a year or so.

The hardest part was deciding what to try when you aren't sure. . We eventually just made a list and starting going down the it, really a difficult task, (not) but we now have narrowed our preferences to 4, but we break out of the mold sometimes. We've also gotten to know the folks who own and work the places and they are all super!!

Oh yes, to Violet Beauregard, I read they are building a Sonic in N. Canton somewhere and perhaps elsewhere. I know it's not Youngstown, but it's close enough for a run if you've got the time. .
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