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Originally Posted by Tracii View Post
Awww thanks Regg! I'm blushing.. really that means a lot.
I sure hope the weight goes where I want it to this time that would be great.
Seems I'm a low rider.LOL.
I started trying to gain here in the last 4 months and its been slow very slow.
Its been 5-10 lbs in spurts but I'll keep trying.
Damn thing is every scale I try gives me a different weight so I'm not sure what I weigh.Isn't that weird?

You're welcome, and if it helps at all, I've heard of more women complaining about NOT gaining weight in their butts and hips, than the other way around. So it's not the worst problem to have, but I do hope things even out for you. As for scales, I wouldn't know. My wife refuses to have one in the house.
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