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I love your pics Mama Lisa!

Originally Posted by Tracii View Post
Can I have your double chin?For a week maybe I'll give it back I promise.
You sure are cute and fluffy.
Well... I'd loan you my extra chin, but then I'd really miss it as soon as I gave it away and then I'd have to hound you to get it back... lol

Originally Posted by kayrae View Post
HaHa! Well, you should post more pics too, Tracii! Then maybe seasuperchub84 will post even more...
I agree Kayrae, Tracii should post more pics!

Originally Posted by JerseyGirl07093 View Post
Nice pic and I LOVE the top!
I wish I could sew like that!
Thank you JerseyGirl This was my first sewing project ever, and while I can't say it was easy, it wasn't that hard either. Plus I got some help from my mom. She used to sew and quilt a lot, so she's really knowledgeable and a great help. *Thanks Mom!*
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