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Default Hello Again

Thanks for the welcome. Not sure if you've read my thread on NOLOSE, but I mentioned that they do offer financial assistance for people to get to their conferences...I wouldnt' have been able to get there in the past if not for their financial aid program. Even though I was offered financial assistance for this past conference, I couldn't go because I had no transportation/funds for travel. It sucked - they offered me a package I couldn't refuse and the conference was in NOHO - Northhampton, Mass, which is a three hour drive for me. I felt so empty that weekend knowing that my friends (potential lovers even) were three hours away and I couldn't be with them, creating fat and queer community. It is one of the only spaces where I feel like myself, completely and totally...even if people think I'm crazy or quirky, it doesn't matter to me, because there is always somebody out there who appreciates what others can't.

One thing that did bother me of course was that there was this hierarchy of who's hot and who's not in that community - it was a discussion we had going at that conference in 2006 and other times. Lots of supersized people felt as though they were "less than" or just less valued sexually because of their larger size. At least there were workshops and discussions on it because if the issue isn't discussed, nothing can be done to remedy it. But I digress....

Indeed, the fattie/queer/FNQ world is small. Have you ever heard of Size Queen Magazine, or Big Burlesque? Kelli Dunham, the amazing queer comic who is also a fat activist? These are some of the people I've met/admired from afar. Big Burlesque no longer exists of course, because their founder, Heather MacAllister passed away two years ago. The community lost an amazing, beautiful activist when she crossed over to the light. Luckily though, there are plenty of fatties who are also activists and artists continuing the work she started - her legacy is that folks like us are out there being fat and queer and proud and doing something about it! Visibility is KEY!

Too bad you're on the West Coast! Ahhh well, such is life. Everytime I meet somebody nice, they are from the West Coast. Or from another country altogether.

East Coasters - introduce yourselves to me! This Vermont fattie needs some love and respect. That's all.

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Pleasure to meet you, too. While I am indeed single, I am not a NOLOSE person, although I have no good reason for why, other than never having the cash or the availability to go to their conferences. I don't believe we've met, but we may know some people in common, since the fattie queer world isn't that big.

Good to see you here, and thanks for posting pics. I've got some headless fattie pics somewhere in the GLBTQ forum, but alas, no face pics.
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