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Originally Posted by BigBellySSBBW View Post
I am going to relate my experiences, no one elses and I am going to fill this page with broad generalizations...and that's ok cos it's my view of things.

Being queer and being supersized is way worse than being supersized and straight. My experience is that lesbians/bisexual women are very accepting of large women....until you pass that threshold of say 350lbs or so. I've only ever dated one woman and she was sorta taken from me by a small bbw lesbian. I don't know why that matters, lol, but I thought I would throw it out there.

I have so much going against me. I would love to be an active participant in PRIDE and the queer community in general but I have 3 distinct things going against me, the most of which is being supersized, then being married to a non queer man and the least of which is being bisexual.

I've never had women give me a chance. They give me a once over and turn the other way. People say men judge on looks, but women are just as bad.

So for those few truly supersized queers, is your experience the same? Do you experience the community from the side lines because no one wants anything to do with you, or is it just me?

With being married and being in a foriegn country (where fat is NEVER ok) I have pretty much surrendered my queer identity even though it kills me inside. I used to be one of the worlds best fag hags, and in this country even gay guys hate fat chicks (except for a minority)
Ouch. That's harsh. In my experience, a lot of the guys go for the twinks and leave big guys like me alone. Being bi, I find that women seem to be more accepting of size than men in general. Speaking of, my girl is bi and is one of the types that doesn't care about size. It comes down to personality in the end. She generally goes for those on the taller and bigger side anyway.

Speaking of being bi, I've noticed that there are some in the gay community who have the "being bisexual means you're confused" mentality. Like you have to be one or the other. To them I just explain that women turn me on and men turn me on. So what the HELL is there to be confused about?!

I have the same things going against me for the most part. Being married, being bi and being big. However, the one thing that we decided is that we won't hide our queer sides. It's who we are and if people don't like it, eh, their loss.

One thing I've noticed about women, however, is that they tend to be more open to the idea of open relationships. Guys tend to shy away from the idea.
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