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Originally Posted by BigBellySSBBW View Post
Ok. Now that I am home from work, rested a bit and well fed...let me try to reiterate.

There is a group for fat lesbians called NOLOSE. National Organization for Lesbians of Size. That screams fat queers accepted right?!?! I had a friend go, who is near my size and she said she felt out of the circle and not accepted. So I know I am not imagining things.

Yes I feel more pushed to the side in the queer community than I do everywhere else. And this is before I got married to a man. This is before I moved to the UK. It's just how I have experienced it and I have been a part of the queer community in the bay area California and in Boise Idaho.

I find that lesbians LOVE curve and big tits, but when it comes to big bellies, they aren't so keen.

I'm not sure how it is for men. I assume the same, but I can never know for sure because I am not a supersized man.

I know without a doubt that I am not alone in my feelings of being pushed out of the queer community because of my size and I started this thread here at Dimensions to see if there was anyone like me, Supersized and struggling to be accepted in a community that supposedly accepts big women, but it appears there isn't.
I love big bellies....they're the best just wish my girlfriend did...
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