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Originally Posted by JMNYC View Post
*You say "You're beautiful!" when what you mean is "Your upside-down-heart-shaped belly is sooooooooo cute and sexy."

*You hug a large woman and have to remind yourself to be respectful. DOWN BOY

*You doodle cherubs.

*You have never---even once---really paid attention to lingerie catalogues or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

*When you come across a TV channel where women are doing ballet, you notice the music and the precision of the dancers, switch the channel and don't think about it again.

*When your high school buddy, now your colleague, wants to know if the PR rep for (this company) is "hot" because she sounded "hot" on the phone, you have to stop and think about what to tell him because "hot" to you and "hot" to him are different universes. And anyway, you don't partake in talking about women's "hotness". Especially when he made such a big deal about marrying a model and never fails to point this out to people who ask "So, what does your wife do?"

*You don't join in when the fellows start talking about women.

*You think there is a special place in heaven for fat girls.

*You write a song about loving fat women, then another, then another, then another, then...

*When someone makes a negative comment about big women, you're ready to fight in 2.4 seconds.

*You're not alarmed that the Western world, in general, is getting heavier.

*When any actress with even the slightest bit of extra weight appears in a movie or TV commercial, you instantly pay attention.

*There are a few works of art in your house featuring women of size.

*You think Leonard Nimoy rocks, and not because he was in "Star Trek" or because he recorded "The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins."


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