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I honestly like the way my fat looks. I quite like being fat, but I guess I have to accept what else comes with it. Yesterday I got told by someone I'm friends with (and like a little more than a friend) that my weight doesn't sit right. I'm tall and all belly but little boobs, and my friend said my weight would only look good if i was short and had big boobs. And he's fat himself! I don't even want big boobs, I like them as they are. I guess thats hard because I've always wanted to find someone who liked my physical appearance at the size I'm at. I think its funny when other people who I don't know or like say things about my weight, but when its a friend or someone who's opinion I value, it kind of hurts. So I guess I LIKE my weight, but have no choice but to ACCEPT what comes with it.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just feeling a little down today.
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