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Name: Caleb
Age: 20, for all intensive purposes
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150
Profession: Student
Location: New Hampshire for school, New York when at home
Music: Classical, Hard Rock, Oldies, Jazz, Techno, VGM
Likes: Piano, sculpting, BBWs, Japanese (language), video games, movies, math, having friends much stranger than I am
Dislikes: Clubbing, bigotry, religious zeal, the state of the world
About me: Born in LA, raised in NY. I'm a "sensitive" guy who's never been enough of an asshole to attract the girls. Let's see... FA since 12, found this place around 13, registered last year, and that brings us to present. Currently at Dartmouth majoring in Economics modified w/Math, minoring in Japanese. Future is kind of up in the air; I'd love to escape the country (Canda, Japan, probably not Europe though), but there's a good chance I'll end up in NYC. I'm a geek/nerd (both of them; look up the differences). I have a black belt in Karate and regularly work out.

I guess I never actually posted the pic I'm using as an avatar anywhere yet (taken this week):

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