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Tracy can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesTracy can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesTracy can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I love my body just the way it is. This fat that I carry around has become a part of who I am since I was a young girl. Yes there are days that get me down because do I encounter people who are living in their own perfect "thin world" who have no clue how hurtful their comments or looks can be. Its really sad that the world we live in is so f****d up that we as humans have to be placed under so much pressure. Again I ask who gave that person who looks down on me the right to judge me or anyone else for that matter? So nope I would not take the skinny pill. If you don't like me when I'm fat your sure as hell not going to like me when I'm skinny. I'm still the same person either way. I got an email this morning from my boss. I tried to upload the pic but couldn't get it to reduce down to the right size. But anyway it was a picture of a FAT barbie reclining on a couch with the words "glad it finally happened to her" written above it. I did not appreciate my female boss sending it to me. It really pissed me off! Hence the rant. Apologizing for the rant. Just blowing off steam.
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