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Originally Posted by HDANGEL15 View Post
Damn ((STEPHANIE))) I had no idea we had so much in common, I could have equally put all of the above on my LIKES, hit me up sometime. I posted a pic of all of my day of the dead stuff on my fireplace mantle quite a while ago, I'll have to dig it up, I had no idea other people loved Moleskin Journals like me (Specifically GRID PAPER!!!)
That's so cool! I know I can be a snob about journals...which my guy and girl don't understand. I love Moleskines cause they are the essence of simplicity, you can leave them plain or dress them up, and they're tough, so they can take some abuse. I never go anywhere without at least a pen, a pencil and my Moleskine. Never know when you'll need it.

Since I've been with my guy Raven, my writing levels just opened up. For 7 years with my ex, I just didn't write at all. Now in the almost three years I've been with my guy, I've filled up 3 Moleskines and am working on a 4th, which I am a third of the way into. I'm also working on a gratitude journal and something called The Essential Writer's Notebook.

I bounce between ruled and unruled. First one, then the other. I'm on an unruled right now. I tend to have spurts where I only write, then others where I write and draw and collage and paint, all in the same Moleskine.

Actually, another thing I didn't put in my likes (but I am because you mentioned how much in common we have) is a love for Harley Davidson. My financial situation sucks at best (cuz of the divorce from my crazy ex), but we are trying to save up money to get both of us bikes. I have to say, I am not quite sure about how I would feel actually being in the driver's seat of a bike, but I love "riding b**ch" as I've heard people say, especially when there's a big man involved. Ain't nothin better than a beautiful summer day, wind in your face with a BHM between your thighs!
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