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kittencat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeskittencat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

OCCUPAION-Metal Goddess,Drinker of Intoxicating Liquids,being awesome
(its hard work,someones gotta do it)

LIKES-Frode(Fro-Day) my boston terrier ,Bellydancing,shaking my thang
Music(black,Death,Progressive,Power,Folk metal)Goth/Industrial, classical,opera,black n roll,hard rock....good tunes is good tunes.
Film-all sorts
laughing,lolcats,Chuck Norris (because he counted to infinity twice and because they Made a chuck Norris toilet paper but it wouldnt take shit from anybody) bothering Ron at work,Pubs,clubs,beer,concerts,bass playing,writing,singing,nature,hair,make up,strategically cutting my t shirts to show max cleavage,WOW,cooking and baking,Travelling,letting people take photos of me,leopard print,and good times.

DISLIKES-Sex with sox or clothes on,flip flops in the rain,people who think they know everything,the word Hyphy and bay area slang,bees,sharks,grape flavored anything,pho,cucumbers,mayonaise,cauliflower im not sure why someone picked it and decided it would be a good idea to eat it,flakiness,pregnant women who act like they are a chalice of life and must be worshiped and adored by all.Getting sick after eating at cheescake factory,and the fact that Ron/Uriel still owes me cheescake(im calling you out).

About Me-I was born with Lady Parts and still have them.Hailing from the Bay Area .Travel when i can.I enjoy it alot.I am a BBW.I think its awesome.And i am hoping to be Vicki Pollard for Halloween(From little Britain)I am here to meet some people and have some good times. Oh i forgot to add...and im still single.
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