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benzdiesel can now change their title

Well, I've done it in at least 2 places already, what's one more :-D It's been a while.

Name: Michael
Age: 20
Location: NC
Profession: University student, Computer science major, possibly going on to grad school and becoming a teacher/professor in CS. Possibly.

Music: Lots of stuff, primarily older. Um... in chronological order, anything classical or instrumental from any time period, 60's "oldies" music, "classic" rock such as ELO and Chicago, classic-but-current rock such as Dire Straits, REO Speedwagon, U2, Foreigner, Journey, etc... and classic country up through the mid 90s but especially older... the Conway Twitty, George Strait, Emmylou Harris, George Jones, Glen Campbell, and Merle/Willie/Waylon/Kris - and tons of others. Also, bluegrass and REALLY classic country - Doc Watson, Carter Family, etc.

Likes: Photography, particularly with old manual focus SLR film cameras, pretty much anything similar to those old cameras that's mechanical and made to last (old clocks and watches, old appliances, especially old cars), Star Trek (in all forms), British comedy (Not just Monty Python), reading anything and everything (with a secret love of novels by Elizabeth Peters), diesel engines, living in the middle of nowhere on farmland, dogs (we have six), music in just about any form at any time, computers (especially Macs/Linux), driving (it's stress relief), Rocky & Bullwinkle, Looney Tunes (especially Roadrunner), Southern cooking (which I am capable of myself), Mark Twain, plenty of other stuff, just ask.

Dislikes: Rap music, big noisy crowds, venemous reptiles (nonvenemous ones are fine), large city life, the modern "Made Cheaply in China" phenomenon - particularly in the field of electronics and cars, Microsoft Windows instability, people who think an argument is won by stating opinion as fact and saying "I just won, so there", having to jump through hoops in any situation (filling out paperwork, following genuinely dumb rules and procedures) just for the sake of hoop-jumping, slow drivers in the fast lane...

About me: I'm almost a contradiction in definitions; I'm the rare breed known as the straight-arrow boy-scoutish college student. A.K.A. "that guy who never does anything fun"... I like to think I'm personable enough once you get to know me and if you don't expect me to be bouncing off the walls at parties all the time. I'm just legitimately not that much of a socialite. I'd rather have ten close friends than a hundred buddies.

I'm 20, I'm a computer and science geek in every sense who's terrible at math (you got most of that from my "likes", I expect) and act older than my age. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and learned to think like them early on - and I can appreciate that. I'm a Methodist, I'm a country guy in every sense of the word, and I could never stand living in an apartment somewhere long-term... I'm in rural North Carolina at the moment and that's fine until one day hopefully I'll wind up in Wyoming or Montana somewhere. (I've been there short-term and would LOVE to live somewhere in the remoteness.) I grew up on the farm shooting clay pigeons, driving tractors at age 5-ish, reading constantly, and playing with the dogs, and don't really see that ever changing. I'm a cold-weather person; my heavy winter coat is a light zippered jacket and I'm perfectly comfortable. About 70 degrees is the top of my summer comfort zone.

One of my odder and more consuming interests is old mercedes diesels, specifically from the 1980s. I'm driving an 86 diesel with 344,000 miles (No veggie oil, thanks) and it's worth every window that quits going up and down until I go in and work on it, just for the fun of hearing it, smelling it, feeling it vibrate at an idle in the mean time. Not to mention it just sails down the road like a tank. Which leads to my biggest pet peeve of them all... the modern "throw it away and replace it" way of living and building things, instead of building stuff so you can take it apart, repair what failed, and keep using it another twenty years. I go out of my way to save longer and spend more to get goods that are still made that way, and fight an uphill battle with my contemporaries to get them to see the wisdom of that way of life. It hasn't worked yet.

I guess despite the length of this post, I'd boil my primary philosophy down to "Keep it simple, stupid." Random extra things I'll throw in... I love music and play trombone, accordion, and piano "by ear", mostly hymns and things - I fill in at church whenever our regular person is sick and just play them for fun in the mean time - I'm an expert procrastinator, although my college record is slightly less impressive I maintained straight A's from kindergarten through the 11th grade, I'm a 'dog person' but I love pretty much all animals, and... hmm. That's about it unless anybody wants to ask something else.

Guess I'll throw in the vital statistics,
6'4", 295-310-ish and comfortable with it, definitely a FA

Apologies for the novel.
Captain Janeway: "I need to know if we did serious harm to this life form"
HoloDoc: "Well, let's see. You ran your ship through it, fired phasers at it, and blew a hole in it with a photon torpedo. I'd say it's a pretty good chance that you did some..."
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