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In reference to the bolded part, I just wondered is this really the case? I have been out with a number of people who only fancy/date fat girls, and am now engaged to one! But I have never, ever known any of them to "come out". I think it's strange to think that a preference would have to be explained like I missing the point?
It really does intrigue me that anyone would feel the need to "come out" about fancying fat people. Can anyone enlighten me a little? Am I just being naive? I just think it's a bit, I dunno, over the top maybe? To have to actually go "Mum, Dad, I like fatties..."

Not trying to be negative in any way, just wondering if it really is the case and why people feel the need to do it?

Thanks for replies in advance, I really do want to understand this more.
I agree with stan, although i did at one point sort of announce to a few friends that i preferred "Fatties" I spent my entire adolescence intrigued by big woman, i never understood it never put it together that it was a preference. but when i got online and i found out about bbw's it all started to make more sense. i spent alot of time discovering things about myself with this new found information. I knew i was drawn to Fat but ddn't know why,

My so called coming out (honestly i hate calling it this) anyway i met someone online, we became friends etc (it's been posted before) but i ended up leaving my wife. so when i explained to friends what was going on and what prompted the separation, part of the explanation was that i preferred fat woman and i had met someone who was not only really fat but also my soul mate. did i have to tell them she was fat? probably not, but they were prepared when they met my girlfriend who was twice the size of my ex. and there was no whispering snickering or gossip about OMG he left her for a huge chick.

and surprisingly a couple friends just looked at me and said "I Know Dude" and went back to their drinks. My mom on the other hand was most people she didn't understand how it's a preference.

this FA thing is fine line i don't want to say i love her because she's fat (I'd love her at any size) and it's definitely not that i love her in spite of her fat. It's more like I desire her because she's fat, and i love that i can caress squeeze, and enjoy her body without her being uncomfortable about it. I think this is where an open BBW/FA relationship becomes deeper than others there is an understanding between both that what the other sees is beautiful whether you see it in yourself or not.

sorry i got of on a tangent i may keep this line of thinking going on another thread so as not to risk hijacking this one.
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this place..its like an onion wrapped in an inigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a mumu!!

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Oh the life of an Fa.. its like a rollercoaster on a bouncy castle in a haunted mansion sometimes!
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