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I am still studying, don't finish until 2010 and I want to be as fit and lean as possible for my remaining years at University as I lead a very active, energy-sapping social and academic life. I also don't quite have the confidence to actively gain yet. Upon finishing in May 2010 I'd envision that I won't have gained anymore than 10 or so pounds taking me to 210lbs. By 1st January 2011 I'd like to be 250. By 1st January 2012 300. Those are definites, everything else depends on how I feel when I get there. I just wish there was a girl in the UK who wanted to help me and chub up with me too! I am part of that rare breed to who love BBWS and SSBBWS but also want to gain too! I just need someone who will make me more confident in that respect!
To whoever stated that it seemed odd to make such concrete plans, you were definitely right haha. I didn't envision gaining anymore than 10lbs before finishing University in May 2010, making me 210lbs but now five months after that post was written I am 217lbs haha. I haven't been actively gaining but have been eating anything I've desired and perhaps been a bit more sedentary. Started to notice that my t-shirts are all too tight and my jeans no longer need a belt. The oddest thing is the reason I didn't envision gaining anymore than 10lbs over this year is that I have been around 200 for four years, apart from when I had a brief weight loss to 180ish, which swiftly was regained until I hit 200 and then, bam, it stopped again. I thought perhaps I was destined to be 200lbs forever. Even though I am not actively gaining it is nice to know that the 200lbs limit has been burst through and I am enjoying feeling softer and bigger! It is an average gain of 3.4lbs a month, I was thrilled to realised that if I continue at that seemingly small rate I'll be 500lbs by the time I'm 30. It makes you realise that even tiny gains will add up over the years!

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