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Eh, I'm a little strange. I don't know where it came from, but as a real little kid i was kindof fascinated with fat in general. (Not specifically fat girls) Just the bouncyness and bigness of fat people. I was on the swim team, and so I'd often see fat kids running around. I have a very vague memory of going to a restaurant and being spellbound by someone who was (in my memory, which i now sincerely doubt, but i still have the picture in my head) about as wide as she was tall. Basically a human sphere.

I also have pretty vivid memories of the violet scene in willy wonka, and also several of the illustrations in other Ronald Dahl books like Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, and of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (both violet and the other fat kid) All of those books either have fat characters or stuffing scenes. I also remember seeing a TV special called "Life in the Fat Lane" that featured a lot of fat people, including a whole family. I have a vivid memory of a really fat brother and sister walking down a beach together. I was probably 10 at the time, and the girl was about my age though probably around 100 pounds heavier. This was all before I had any interest in girls at all, but i was still kind of captivated. Ooh, also, there were a couple garfield cartoons where he gets really fat. I liked those a lot.

I also did the shirt stuffing thing as a kid. But now I really have no interest in gaining myself...I'm actually a pretty skinny guy at 6'7" and around 200... just the preference for bigger girls stuck around.

Anyway, I did look into things when my family got internet. To be honest, i was actually just hoping to find more info on the guinness world record people. It was frustrating that every year it was the same pictures and same descriptions, right? I think i did a search for "Fattest Girl in the World" which lead me to a story here on Dims by the same name (which I initially thought was real, hehe).

Anyway, by the time i made it to high school and noticing the magic of girls, i had the misfortune of winding up at a small private school where there really weren't any big girls. Curvy maybe, but nobody that i'd classify as a BBW. But, nonetheless, at some point in HS i realized that i definitely had an increased physical attraction to bigger girls. Now I think back on it, most of the big girls who i was most spellbound by were either on swim team or some other sport or recreation-related activity... and now it turns out that while i like big girls, it really matters to me that they not be unhealthy/out of shape. I wonder if that has any connection to the fact that swim team was my best source of bbw gawkage.

Who knows?

Anyway, now for me, attraction is physical first (obviously) but then very quickly personal. Like, if i see a gorgeous fat girl, but then realize she's not a very good personality match, i won't really be attracted at all anymore. Also, I've definitely been attracted to girls who aren't fat because I got to know them.

I do find it really fascinating the that the Violet scene in willy wonka is kindof huge in the formation of an FA. Makes me wonder how this subculture would be different if there had never been a willy wonka movie. Or if there had been MORE stuff like that.

I also find it interesting that singular experiences or people or movies have been turning points for some people when there is SUCH a strong cultural current that points us in the direction of ultra-slim (albeit with butts and breasts of women twice their size.)

Kinda makes you wonder if looking for larger women isn't actually a human's biological norm doesn't it?

Edit: All the fat girls on swim team seemed to swim butterfly. My worst stroke. Go figure.
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