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Default Italy In A Dish

I have decided to add a thread to submit some Italian dishes, so that you can experience the variety of 20 regions, from Lombardy to Sicily. Not just pasta and pizza, as you will see.
Let the journey begin!


3,3 lbs of Savoia Cabbage ("Verza", in Italian)
1,76 lbs of pork chops ("Costine")
0,5 pounds of pork crackling ("Cotenna")
0,6 pounds of sausage
2 pork feet
1 pig ear (not strictly necessary)
0,4 pounds of carrots
0,4 pounds of celery
0,2 pounds of onion
0,1 pounds of butter
1 pork head (facultative)
1 Pork tail (facultative)
1 glass of white wine
chicken soup
salt, pepper


- In a pot filled with boiling water, put the feet (cut in half), the crackling, and the ears;
- Let it boil for an hour;
- Mince the onion
- In a casserole, let the butter melt (medium fire) and let the onion cook;
- Add in pork chops, ears and crackling;
- Cook it with high fire;
- Add celery and carrots (minced), add wine and let it boil;
- Add the soup (a ladle), add salt (and pepper, if you want), and mix up.
- Put the lid on the pot, and cook with low fire. Keep it mixing (it must not burn on the bottom of the pot. In that case, add more soup).
- Clean the cabbage, cut in big pieces, and cook in a covered pot, with verey little water;
- When it's ready, put in the casserole with the meat, adding the sausages;
- Put the lid and let it cook - medium fire - for 30-45 minutes.

Serve with polenta (sometimes in northern Italy it's used instead of bread)

POLENTA (We could use a post just for the several types of polenta we have in Lombardy. There are probabily almost one thousand types of polenta, in northern Italy)

Maize flour

- Boil a pot of salted water;
- Once the water boils, add maize flour;
- Keep mixing (it tends to burn very fast), to obtain an homogeneous compound;

Barbera del Monferrato (Red wine)
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