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Originally Posted by Blockierer View Post
Coming out is a lifelong job for FAs.
Since this is a place of open and honest debate, I don't comprehend the above statement, nor even this thread. I fully accept that people seem to have these issues, but it certainly isn't the case with everyone.

For some people, if they find a body type attractive, that's their lived experience. It's who they pursue. They defend that body type against attacks upon it, or upon the women who inhabit that body type -- hopefully not too angrily, but clearly and insistently -- just as they would defend their tastes in art, music, or whatever, that go against the grain and offend the majority.

It's not a matter of self-congratulatory "bravery," because "bravery" implies a struggle, and for some people, there is no struggle. It's just not caring that much about what other people think, and knowing that just became the majority of people believe something, that definitely doesn't make it right. If anything, it makes it likely wrong.

I guess my question would be, Why would anyone ever be "in"? That is, "in" in the way that "in" is being described in this thread (although I've always rejected the terminology associations with same-sex attraction, and still do).

What, is the approval of "friends" so important? Is there a belief that because most people seem to think a certain way, and the media pushes a certain standard, that that must be correct, and you're wrong? Why would anyone think that way, and hold their own opinions and tastes in such low regard?

That's what I don't understand. What's the basis of this seeming pressure to be "in"?

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