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Originally Posted by katherine22 View Post
I confess that I am terrified of getting old. I had no appreciation of myself when I was young, and I hate watching myself aging. I confess that I wonder if I will have the courage to keepn living.
Katherine, I predict you'll have the courage if going by the thoughtful, intelligent, courageous posts you put out on a continuous basis is any indication. Growing older is difficult for each of us as we reach milestones. When I reached 30, that was no problem for me, unlike my sister. When I reached 40, again no problem, unlike my younger brother. Now I'm getting closer to 50 and I have a feeling that will be a difficult milestone for me. We each have stages in our lives where we find it difficult to continue on as before, so we have to make the changes necessary for our lives and try to have a positive outlook. Difficult at times, but definitely worth the effort.

I take comfort in the fact that women and men are more active and are living much longer and productive lives.

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