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debz-aka can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesdebz-aka can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Name: Debz

Age: 47 - never thought I'd live to see it, and loving life in my 40s

Location: Portland, Oregon

Profession:Unemployed (another victim of the economy) working hard at my screenplays to see if I can make that a career.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, baking (was a professional baker for 20 years), cooking and canning my own foods.

Likes: My husband, laughing till it hurts, time with friends, my dog, going to movies, Sci-Fi, going out to Dim Sum with my girlfriends, The Coast of Oregon, lighthouses, watching a good scary movie, going for walks with my dog, yoga. MUSIC: old school punk, jazz, classical, experimental, some metal, some old school country need the right tunes for different moods. I'm obsessed with the 1920's especially anything about the Algonquin Round Table folk.

Dislikes: Bad movies - anything directed by Michael Bay, overly zealous people, cilantro (evil weed from hell), "extreme" anything, people who don't take the time to think for themselves. Exercise: hate it, especially since its a necessary part of life!

About me: I am an aspiring screenwriter who loves living in the Pacific Northwest. I spent most of my life in Washington but think Oregon is incredibly beautiful. I live with the most patient FA in the world , who stuck with me even when I hated my body. I'm comfortable being a fat woman, though, I do work to stay at a weight that makes me feel healthy. Which is weird when I realize that my healthy weight is considered morbidly obese! How about the morbidly thin women? I come from a long line of fat people who live into their upper 80s. You can check out my blog for more info, its listed below.
Dreaming just comes the first breath of a baby. - John Prine
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