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What does this thing do?
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Originally Posted by Jigen View Post

17,5 ounces Flour
Sodium bicarbonate
3,5 ounces lard
Soft Cheese

Pour the flour on the tabel. In the middle of it put the lard, a pinch of bicarbonate, and salt. If you can't find the lard, use the same amount of butter.
Knead the compound, and add a little warm water, as much as is necessary to obtain an uniform dough.
Once the dough is solid, let it rest under a clean cloth, at least for half an hour.
Then, stretch it out to obtain a sheet, 0,2 inch high. You can make one big "piada", or several smaller "piadine".
Traditionally, you must cook the dough in a terracotta pan over carchoal, but a hot frying pan is the same.
During the cooking process, you could experience the formation of small bubbles on the piada. To avoid it, pierce the bubble with a fork, and shift side.
Serve hot. You can put inside it whatever you prefer, but in this case, let's stick to tradition, and fill it with ham, cheese and arugula.
Can't wait to give this a try! Ham, cheese and arugula sound like heaven to me!
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