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Originally Posted by Jigen View Post

INGREDIENTS (8 servings)
10,6 ounces of mascarpone
4 eggs
1,8 ounces of bitter cocoa powder
3,5 ounces of sugar
6 cups of coffee (made with a moka, obviously)
1 pack of Ladyfinger cookier (Savoiardi, in Italian)
2 cups of brandy

- Mix Mascarpone, sugar and the yolks.
- Whip up the whites and add to the previous compound.
- Mix the brandy with the coffee. Dip the Ladyfingers in the coffee (not too much, or they will reduce to pulp), and place at the bottom of a rectangular pyrex dish (7,8x12 inches is perfect).
- Once you fill up the space at the bottom of the pyrex pan, put on it half of the mascarpone compund and dust the cocoa on it.
- Make another layer of dipped Ladyfingers, in the opposite sense (if you put the first layer from left to right, now place it from right to left. The dessert will be more stable). Cover it with the remaining cream, and dust with the remaining cocoa.
- Let it rest in the fridge for at least 12 hours, then serve.
I have a girlfriend who loves Tiramsu and is currently working some very long hours. I'm going to make this for her.
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