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Name: Liz

Age: 46

Location: Far Northeast Philadelphia, PA (otherwise known as the suburbs for city workers)

Profession: Temporarily retired due to layoff, driving Miss Daisy (I live with my 80 year old aunt who recently gave up driving)

Hobbies: Crafts (jewelry making, crochet, needlework), reading

Likes: Mountain Dew, cheese, my relatives (even when they drive me crazy), dogs, cooking & baking, shiny things, color, crafts, sci-fi/fantasy novels, reading other peopleís opinions on the internet, humor, music (especially 60ís to 80ís rock/hard rock), gaming (current favorite is spore)

Dislikes: Mornings, instructions that only work for right handed people, people whose hobby is complaining, allergies

About me: Iíve been fat since puberty hit me over the head, currently between mid & super sized, single, no kids, generally quiet & shy, good at procrastination, working towards turning my hobbies into a business so I donít have to find a ďreal jobĒ, found Dims a few years before I signed up & still like lurking more than posting
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