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Originally Posted by TallFatSue View Post
Despite my mother's time-worn nagging question "Doesn't it bother you to have that belly of yours hanging out for all the world to see?" I don't literally let my bare belly hang out. Unless of course I'm at the beach wearing a 2-piece swimsuit, and then my huge hanging belly is on full display. In the warm weather I regularly wear shorts and shortish skirts and sleeveless tops to show off my long fat bare arms and legs.

I most definitely flaunt my fat, but I'm of "a certain age" (51 and counting) so I do dress appropriately. I also have a professional demeanor to maintain. It's just that my fashion statement is that a few hundred pounds of extra fat does a body good. A lifetime of obesity has made me a better, more creative and more independent woman. So I walk tall and carry my fat with pride because I'm just vain enough to think my fat looks good on me, and I do dress well and try to maintain good posture. Methinx also that this warm jiggly fat makes me so much more sensual too. So I generally wear form-fitting outfits that hug my large curves and make no secret of the fact that I own a big fat ass, big fat belly, big fat breasts etc. And if my fat happens to bounce around as I walk, that feels pretty good too. I'm very good to my fat, and it's very good to me.

God I wish I could have met someone like you 20 or 30 years ago. I have never been in a relationship with a BBW who actually liked, or at least accepted being fat. I am in my third marriage and I thought this one would work out with her slowly gaining over time. I'll spare the long story, but she had gotten up to 225 earlier this year, but was very unhappy about it. Yesterday she had weight loss surgery. I can still hardly believe it's done. She was just getting to a size I could be satisfied with. But like I said, she was very unhappy about it. So now she gets to be happy and I don't. Seems to be the story of my life.

Rock on Sue! You and your husband are very lucky!
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