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Originally Posted by Cors View Post
Okay, I don't identify as a feedee but tried to gain a number of times (health reasons, curiosity, negative attention at low natural weight, partner's preference) and failed. I have always wondered if successful gainers are just predisposed to weight gain or just incredibly determined. Some questions for those who actually do gain:

1. Do you need significantly more calories or find yourself eating more in order to maintain the extra weight?
2. When actively gaining or maintaining, do you have a bigger food budget or do you choose cheaper but less healthy high-cal foods instead?
3. How often do you feel physically sick after a large meal after the buzz goes away and how do you deal with the sugar crash?
4. Isn't gaining and weight maintainence stressful?
Maybe I shouldn't answer this as a guy but I found this strand very interesting because I am somewhat of a feedee and certainly a gainer on occasion.

1. No. I easily maintain extra weight without extra food intake. But I also am not very active physically, i.e I'm pretty lazy ...
2. I have to admit, I love junk food, cheap high-cal foods, so that's my first choice for gaining. For example, a large Cream Pie Shake and Popcorn Chicken from Sonic make the ideal commuter afternoon snack and do wonders for your expanding waistline
3. Never, really. Sometimes it's uncomfortable right after a huge meal but a half hour nap on the couch fixes that easily for me. I guess i'm very "oral" and stuffing my face till I'm about ready to pop is an immensly pleasant sensation for me.
4.Absolutely not. It is much more stressful for me to not eat than to eat.
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