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I guess you could chalk it up to laziness and a lack of willpower. But knowing how I am about certain things, it is not so simple. Each of us has insided us something which causes us to either do things we wish we wouldn't or prevents us from doing things we wish we would. After dealing with this for 55 years, I understand it fairly well.

Yes, technically she could have lost the weight on her own. She did it in the past and lost over 50 pounds. But of course she gained it all back and then some in about a year. And she has tried several times since. Sometimes she would lose a noticeable amount and sometimes just a little and of course each itme gain it back plus a little more. Each time she'd go on a diet I knew how it would end up so I was never concerned and looked forward to the additional weight whe would no doubt gain.

But of course this is much different. Her surgery was Wednesday morning. She hasn't eaten anything since dinner Tuesday night and it is now Saturday morning. She has had some Jello, chicken broth and a popscicle, but that's it. She will be on a liquid diet for at least two weeks and then gradually introduce solid food. The doctor estimated that the capacity of her stomach is around 300cc now. She had what is called a "Gastric Sleeve" procedure in which they remove most of the stomach leaving basically just a long tube.

There is a possibility that this could end up backfiring on her though. There is a chance that she could stretch it out some again and actually gain all the weight back. I know full well that it is her own body and she has the right to do with it what she wants, but from my own selfish point of view I hope she does gain it all back and more. I am still angry about this and am not sure how this is going to play out. We've been married for 8 years and it has been mostly very good until this.

I'm sorry to bore everyone with this, but I have no one to talk to this about. Her mother came to stay with us to help take care of her post op. The only way my wife was able to have this surgery in the first place is her parents offered to pay for it so I am not too fond of them right now.

This just sucks!
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