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One of the most abused italian dishes abroad. This is the recipe I made yesterday:



1 pound of grounded pork meat
1/2 pound of grounded veal meat
3 bottles of tomato sauce
4 carrots
2 onions
4 branches of celery
1 glass of red wine/1 glass of lager beer
1 coffee cup of Olive oil

1 1/2 pound of pasta for lasagne
10 ounces of Béchamel sauce
1 cup of milk
Parmesan at will


- Wash the celery and remove the extremities;
- Skin and clean the other vegetables;
- Mince the vegetables it in small pieces;
- Put the oil in a high pot, and add the vegetable;
- Let them yellow, then add the meat;
- Let them cook on both sides, then add the wine;
- Let the meat absorb the wine, mixing continuously;
- Add the tomato. Remember to wash the bottle for the remainings;
- Add the dices and mix.
- Let it boil without touching it for FOUR HOURS, at least. The maximum are fige hours, but not more.

- Put the Béchamel and the milk in a pot. You must obtain a fluid and smooth compound;
- Take an alluminium oven pan, with high sides;
- In the pot, mix the Béchamel and the Ragů;
- Cover the bottom if the pan with a thin layer of Béchamel;
- Lay the first sheet of pasta. If the sheet is too big for the pan, bend it;
- Cover the sheet of pasta with a thin layer of the compound. Be careful to cover the pasta completely, or it won't cook as it should;
- Put another sheet of pasta. If it's too big for the pan, bend it, but let the bended part on the opposite side than the previous;
- Cover the sheet with more sauce;
- Keep adding pasta and sauce until you fill the pan;
- Once the pan is filled up, cover it with Parmigiano;
- Warm the oven at 230°C and once it's done, put the pan in the oven;
- Set the time to 3 hours and start cooking. You'll have to take it out of the oven when the parmesan becomes dark;
- Now, while you wait for the Lasagna to be ready, start making another pan;
- Once the first pan is ready, substitute it. Cook it and start make more pans, until you run out of pasta and sauce.
- Serve it. I am used to add chili peppers powder, but it's facultative.


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