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Chapter Eleven
Monday, January 17th

It was just past 9 a.m., and Susan finally sat down to eat her breakfast – a poached egg on toast, juice and coffee.

She had a lot of things on her ‘to do’ list for the day, but was already worn out. So far this morning, she had rustled the kids out of bed and ready for school, cooked a good hot breakfast for everyone making sure Jeff’s was especially generous, packed 3 school lunches and a fourth larger lunch for Jeff, and driven the kids to school so that Sam wouldn’t have to carry his big Revolutionary War diorama the half mile to school.

All of her ‘to do’ items revolved around her goal of packing more weight on Jeff. He had only gained 4 pounds in the two weeks since New Year’s, and she was getting a little bit impatient.

Being unable to run on the icy roads or play basketball until the fire damage at the gym was repaired Jeff had started lifting weights with his dusty old equipment down in the basement. Adding weight lifting to shoveling the constant fall of snow and working on the mid-winter inventory at the store, a good portion of his gain was transforming into muscle. As much as she appreciated his broadening shoulders and thick quads bulging on his thighs, she hated to see the soft bulge around his belly start to melt away.

Susan decided she needed to enhance his caloric intake on weekdays. She was sure he had put those 4 pounds on over the two weekends, because he just wasn’t taking the time to indulge himself during his work week.

She had done what she could, but it obviously wasn’t enough. She cooked wonderfully rich breakfasts, but he didn’t sit still for more than a single plate full. He said he didn’t have time for a bigger lunch, so she was stuck sending him his usual salad, sandwich, fruit and drink. She had added plenty of steak, cheese, croutons, almonds and bacon bits to his salad. She replaced all of his low cal sandwich ingredients with their whole grain, fatty, more delicious alternatives. She replaced his usual diet cola with a tall thermos of North Pole hot chocolate. Despite her efforts, Jeff often came home with part of his lunch left over. Likewise, much of the wonderful cooking she did for their dinners went to waste because dinner times were routinely cut short because one or another child had to go to a sport or activity.

The only time Jeff really indulged during the week was when she brought him his dessert in bed around 11. Then he let her pamper him with cheesecake, brownies, giant chocolate chip cookies, and rich pies covered with sauce, ice cream and real whipped cream. She sat on the bed ready to get him more. There had been a couple of nights when he had even let her feed him. She was probably putting the feminist movement back a few decades, but she got a huge thrill out of serving him so personally.

She looked up a few new recipes, made out a grocery list and headed out shopping. He first stop was the North Pole shop at the mall. She had finally run out of several of the items Mrs. Claus had given her on the day they met. She also wanted to see if she could find something more to boost Jeff’s weekday intake.

The same little clerk was working in the North Pole shop as the other time she had shopped there. The clerk lit up and greeted her warmly. Susan went about finding the staples she had run out of and then browsed for anything that might encourage Jeff to eat more. She was pleased to find two things that looked very promising.

The first thing she found were Jump Start Bars. The bars themselves were labeled as being energy bars that could substitute for a meal on the run. The box they came in said they were also a powerful ‘appetite and metabolism storage enhancer’. “Delicious 600 calorie chocolate, caramel, nut and cookie bar will put a charge in your appetite and shift your metabolism so that a minimum of 70 percent of your caloric intake is stored as fat for later use.”

She also found Wonder Waffle Mix, which had four times the carbohydrates and calories as regular waffle mix, and Connor’s Condensed Maple Syrup, advertised as being “Twice as thick! Twice as tasty! Twice as Sweet!” Susan smiled as she thought that Jeff could eat the equivalent of eight waffles in the time he took to eat two.

She bought a case of Jump Start Bars and several boxes of Wonder Waffle Mix and felt hopeful that she would see Jeff begin to gain steadily again.


Susan was not disappointed by the new Jump Start Bars, Wonder Waffle Mix and Condensed Syrup. Jeff loved the new waffles and syrup so much that he took time to have a third waffle before heading out the door for work. He liked the Jump Start Bars, too. Susan had packed two with his lunch on Tuesday, explaining that she had used the last of the bread for the children’s sandwiches. Tuesday afternoon, Jeff came home with a party size bag of Combos Pretzel and Cheese snacks that he was just finishing. After tossing the empty snack bag, he went on to rave about how great the Jump Start Bars were. Reading the nutrition information, Jeff decided that he really should have at least one every day and that he wanted one in his lunch instead of his salad.

Nodding in agreement that the energy bars were very nutritious, Susan could not wait to see how her new additions would affect Jeff’s eating habits.
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