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Default I totally get that ....

I mean, there are what? 4 billion people plus on this planet to choose from? So why settle for someone who you'd find that frustrating?!

It's really not about (or shouldn't be about) whether or not the woman "valued your opinion" of what's attractive on her body ...

But like you say, it's simply a case where she made it *clear* that she has a strong DISLIKE for the very things you LIKE about her looks. Sometimes I think this is a sad commentary on society as a whole; We're so concerned about looking as much like "everyone else" as possible, we don't stop to consider that the real beauty is in what makes us DIFFERENT.

Originally Posted by nottobig View Post
I dated a woman, a bit plump, but with an absolutely sexy large hips. As you might suppose from the way I said that, I thought she was hot, and her figure magnificent.

She informed me she was planning to have lipo on her hips, butt, etc. and how much she was looking forward to being "normal". I found this bothered me greatly, and stopped dating her.

Refecting on it, it was not that I felt my opinion should count, but more that she hated a physical feature that I liked so much. The contrast in value/opinion was much bigger (pardon the pun) than the physical issue.

I think it is something that I would handle better today, but it would probably still break the relationship. Of course, we had been dating for a while but not engaged or married, so those relationship bonds were not so strong.
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