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Default BBW/BHM tattoos - who has one?

I'm curious, if any FFAs here have a fat man tattooed to their body?

Women, far more often have tattoos of women than tattoos of men. Some of the reasons include: women being seen as sexier, tradition, a tattoo of a man would seem weird or the wearer may be lesbian. There are of course a number of other reasons and whether the wearer is straight or gay they very rarely have a tattoo of man.

I wouldn't say it makes a difference sexually, but relationship-wise, I certainly find bravery very appealing in a woman. If a woman had not just the tattoo a man tattooed, but a fat man, I would think that's pretty damn cool

So, just as an interesting topic do any of you have BHM tattoos? Males are welcome to add their opinion to this thread, as well.
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