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As far as the no choice in the matter goes, being trans, I believe there is no choice. It takes time and introspection to realize what you are/aren't. It may take someone 25-50 years and someone may figure it out way before that, but I don't really believe being trans is a choice. However, action to address the inherent Gender Identity Disorder is a choice.

The way I have seen it, there are people who do nothing out of fear, self-issues and commitments, among other reasons. That was not meant to be a blanket statement, a pejorative remark or anything remotely derogative.

I don't subscribe to the idea of "all-woman" or "all-man", and believe that gender isn't completely binary but rather more fluid. I identify as female, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff I like and dislike about it. There were things I liked about being male as well. However, I feel happier where I am than where I was. Some people are non-op for reasons other than money or opportunity, they may be comfortable with their genetalia.

However, if I didn't like what I've done, I'd be mad about all the money and anguish I've been through. Laser and electrolysis is a bitch and a half. I also am at a point where I could have someone punch me in the boob and kick me in the nuts. Yeah for me.
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