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Part 3

June and Lisa tried to heave themselves out of the chairs. June was able to barely able to hoist herself out of the chair under her own power, but the weight of Lisa's belly proved to be rather overwhelming. Lisa tried to heave her huge belly up in high enough to stand up a couple more times, but just collapsed, defeated, back in the chair before calling out. "Mark! Your little fatty needs a little help to get her fat ass up again."

Mark immediately came running, and with a willing smile offered a hand, pulling her to her feet. Lisa stabilized herself, as undulations flowed across the huge expanse of her body. Mark stopped these by wrapping his arms around her as much as he could, then gave her kiss on the lips.

The group of friends watched as Mark and Fred walked around to help Julie out of the truck.

As Bill approached, he noticed she wore tight jean shorts under the spillage of her overflowing muffin top that tightly hugged her vast backside. A-shirt with the words "Hot Stuff." was fully covering her belly. Still, her rather vast spare tire stretched it's fabric to the point of looking like a second skin, detailing every roll and dimple, as it hung over the jean waistband. Her shorts stretched viciously around her fat-laden, spreading hips and posterior.

Julie’s magnificent bosom rested almost complacently on her conspicuous belly, and her cleavage spilled over the top. Her brown hair cascaded down to her shoulder and framed her double chin and apple round cheeks. Her green eyes set off her whole face. Her huge, heavy posterior ballooned out behind her. As she walked ripples reverberated through her blubbery muffin top. Bill was entranced by her stupendous figure.

They embraced each other somewhat awkwardly as bloated bellies squashed together and fat arms struggled to reach around each other’s circumference. Then they began talking and laughing with one another as they made each other’s flesh wobble. Fat padded bodies with expanding waistlines and butts were proudly shown like new outfits.

Then June pulled Julie over to Bill for a formal introduction. "Bill this is Julie, she is a civil engineer for Vermont. Julie this is a Bill. He works a Civil Engineer in New York. "

"I actually was promoted to department head yesterday, " Julie added with a smile.

"Congratulations," Bill replied. It doesn’t surprise me. June told me that you were smart, but not that that you were so attractive, a truly beautiful woman."

"Thank you," she said blushing , but then it was her turn to size up the other two.

"Wow, you look like you guys got BIG! You guys look bigger that me," Julie commented. Then she got an idea.

"May I?" she asked.

“Sure,” they replied, seemingly anticipating what was to come.

"Hold on!" she said as she removed her dress to reveal a two piece bikini and a girdle that struggled to restrain her explosive gut. However, her immense belly ballooned was out of small gaps in the girdle.

"This thing is so restrictive but, when you wield a huge gut like this around all day, you need a little support." She tried pulling and wiggling herself out of the girdle, but it was just too tight.

"A little help," she asked Mark.

Mark came around and helped her pull off the girdle and her belly exploded with a vengeance to an even more overwhelming and almost cartoonish size. “But, it always great to get more room to breathe, and let it just hang out."

"Well, since we are letting things all hang out anyway, no use stopping there,” she exclaimed as she took off her shirt, revealing her enormous bikini top and her belly-girth.

Julie then sucked in her belly as far as she could, lifting her huge hanging gut, and searched her folds for the button to her jeans. Once found, in one movement she undid the button and exhaled. Her stomach dropped back into place with a jiggle, and her lower belly expanded out, causing a ripple to reverberate through her gelatinous body.

The front of Julie's bikini bottoms were almost completely hidden with her monstrous belly hanging over them. From the front the only evidence that she was wearing a bottom, was the fabric that tightly stretched over her huge pendulous thunder thighs that protruded from her sides. Her bikini top strained to contain her huge bosom.

"Well. In for a penny, in for a pound," June exclaimed with a quick intake of breath as she took off her shirt and wriggled out of the snug jeans, allowing her own monster booty cheeks to expand to the size of bowling balls, barely restrained by her bikini shorts.

"You should already know that you have the most beautiful butt, honey!" Fred said as he grabbed big meaty handfuls of her butt blubber, and June squealed and wiggled her bottom.

All three stood hip to hip. Lisa's belly obviously protruded out several inches further than any of the other s and was obviously wider. She was generally more massive in appearance. But, in the ass department June was the obvious winner with 85% of her weight in her hips, ass and thighs. Her ass was huge, deep and wide, ballooning out behind her like beach balls. While Lisa's weight though was roughly the same it was evenly distributed.

Julie compared her body to the others and remarked "I wish I had assets like you guys. "

Lisa laughed, making her massive belly jiggle with delight.

"Why thank you. But, wielding this huge gut around is difficult and does take some getting use to," she said as she waddled over to a nearby table with snacks she supported her super sized tummy with both hands, so it did not interfered with her thick thighs. Then she placed her enormous gut onto the table, then patted the side of her expansive gut, as she stuffed a handful of potato chips into her face, then waddled back to offer some to the others.

Then sucked in her belly as much as she could, and tried to push it in even more and she tried peered over her protruding belly. Failing badly she let it all go, letting it fall with a jiggle. "Like the inability to see one's own feet standing up."

She looked sadly at her ass, and was the smallest in the group. "I wish I can trade a some of this gut for more of an ass."

She then turned to June, and joked, "Would you trade?"

June laughed and gave her gargantuan butt a slap, unrestrained it jiggled like a balloon filled with Jell-o. "It might be a hassle to make sure that I had enough clearance for my little fanny." Then she turn to Fred and said with a evil smile, "Like the time we tried to get me on the bus".

Fred’s mind instantly went back to the image Junes' soft, doughy backside stuck in the bus door, quivering as she struggled to squeeze through. The sensation of it pressing again her titanic ass. And the icing on the cake was hearing her belly letting out a grumble, and shyly asking "By the way. Is this a bad time to ask if we can go by fatty burgers?".

Fred responded with a similar smile, "I remember that we have more fun than we should have. ".

"Anyway, I love it. The way it moves and the way it feels." June said.

Lisa still look down so Mark walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her, and caressed the side of her belly. The simple sense of his arms sinking deep into her soft flesh on her large soft belly immediately made her excited and wet as he purred. "I am sure that there are a few things about that your beautiful belly that make up for the downs."

"It is possible," she said blushingly with a giggle, and give him as kiss.

"I for one like the assets you have already!" said Bill with a smile to Julie. "And, I would love to get you know you better. "

"Why thank you!" she said slyly, coming over to Bill and giving him a kiss.

Julie took Bill's hand and they talked together as they sat at the waterfront. The others mingled as a plate of chocolates, and mugs of beer where being passed around. It didn't take that long for the chocolates to disappear. At one point June did her favorite party trick, pressing her butt cheeks together, and see how many beer mugs she can hold on her ass, for how long.

"I'm going out to the water, you wanna come with me?" she then asked,

The group waddled down into the water, the guys changed into their swimwear and followed them down.

Once in the water the women felt the relief of floating around and not be weighed down by their weight started to eagerly swim around.

After a couple of laps Julie challenged the guys to a game of volley using the empty dock as the net. However, with distraction of jiggling and wobbling fat, the guys where are at a disadvantage.

At the score of five to nothing, the game was called due to four impatient bellies rumbled out loud, in unison, like a dinner bell. The bellies were patted, and the stampede of waddling and jiggling mass made their way to the steel reinforced picnic seats. They lowered their massive bulk onto the chairs with a sighs of relief.

While June's and Julie's butts overflowed the chairs, Julie, Frank and Lisa leaned back and give their bellies enough room. Lisa had spread her legs as she sat, allowing the broad, soft curve of her gut to spill in between. However, Lisa had to pull herself in close to the table, and had to press her monstrously large belly against the table as she struggled to reach past it so she could reach the table.

"Oh Mark. I’m almost too fat to reach the table, " she complained teasingly.

"You are never too fat, for me, " Mark said as he came over, to play with his obese wife's belly playfully, which made her laugh.

The FAs went to work bringing large plates loaded with a couple 12oz steaks to the table, and watched lovingly as they disappeared. After they finished eating themselves, they went into the house, and brought out the most rich and sinful cakes and desserts.

After about a hour everyone was leaning back with barbecue sauce smeared over faces and some cleavages. Bellies rested well on thighs that had to spread to accommodate the extra room their now heavier bellies now need. Even June and Julie looked like they were sitting a little higher.

The girls sat and slept off their large meal and the guys happily debated in anticipation about if the girls can still fit back into the clothes they came with.

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