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Please excuse the double post, but I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't wholly talking about myself in the above, just trying to extrapolate on some of my experiences and the experiences of some of my friends.

I'm open about dating bbws on a person-by-person basis, but there are still people (family and people that I otherwise love) to whom I could not come out and state, explicitly, that bbws my strong preference.

There's also the issue that being too explicit about your preferences can get you branded a sicko and a fetishist when that's not really the case (not that there's anything wrong with that). In this limited way, it might be easier to come out as homosexual as society encourages a strict gay-straight dichotomy, and you're expected to fit into one box or the other.* When you add more nuance it tends to make people very uncomfortable as it begins to look more like a "perversion" to mainstream expectations. IMO, YMMV, TL;DR, etc.

Additional point of clarification: I don't advocate giving into societal pressures when they are doing harm; just wanted to point out that it's not always an easy task to show the world your true self even when you've fully embraced it yourself. An obvious point, in retrospect.

*FN: No offense if I'm way off on this one, queer friends & neighbors. This is just my grasp of the issue, formed mostly by talking to gay friends about how much harder it was for them to come out as being, say, nonreligious humanists than gay.

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