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Default Chapter 9 -- Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

February 2nd was a Saturday and had been an exceptionally long one for Jeff at his store. That night after an abundant dinner, Susan set Jeff up on the couch with a mug of North Pole hot chocolate and a tray of home baked brownies and cookies. By the time she joined him he was watching Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and was half-way through the dessert tray. Putting her mug of tea on the table, Susan snuggled up against Jeff so that she had one hand up on his shoulder and her other hand resting on the crest of the small roll of fat that formed his droopy little belly.

A warm gush of pleasure ran through her as Susan pressed her hand against his newly squashy belly. The Jump Start Bars and Wonder Waffles had been just the thing to help Jeff easily resume the gaining he had started over the holidays. Since adding them to his diet just two weeks ago, he had gained 12 pounds and had weighed in at 229 this morning. While Mrs. Claus’ automatically re-sizing clothes continued to fit perfectly, Jeff was starting to look a little more solid in them. His gain was much more obvious - and Susan thought sexy - in his old clothes. She had just recently taken his old trousers and dress shirts out of his closet, because they had gotten too tight to be presentable at work. His formerly baggy pajama bottoms and boxers now hung snugly against his sexy round butt and were nearly stretched to the limit by his expanding waist. His old shirts had begun riding delightfully up on his belly as he moved, prompting him to tug them down with increasing frequency.

Between his rounding middle and the muscle he was putting on his upper arms and shoulders with his weight lifting, the old gray sweat shirt and sweat pants he wore tonight were practically form fitting. He filled out the sweatshirt so much that the ribbed band at the bottom was barely able to keep it from riding up on his belly. Susan thought that after another week or two of good food she would start to see a little bit of belly peaking out from under this particular sweat shirt.

Jeff was crazy about the new waffles and syrup Susan had found. He’d been indulging in so much good food lately, that delicious had become run of the mill. Almost magically crisp and tender, moist and flavorful, these waffles were so far beyond delicious that his enthusiasm for breakfast was revitalized. He was so eager to eat them that he began getting up earlier to give him more time to eat. After a few days of eating Wonder Waffles, Jeff had settled into a breakfast routine that Susan approved of heartily. Instead of rushing out the door, he made sure he had at least a half hour to sit and eat. Each day, he had three waffles slathered with butter and drowned in the high calorie syrup. He’d also decided to round out his breakfast with bacon, a large glass of orange juice and two mugs of North Pole hot chocolate. Susan liked how much Jeff enjoyed his meal; she loved how the seemingly moderate meal filled him so much that he walked away from the table with a faintly swollen stomach. Seeing the sated expression on his face and telltale bulge of his belly, Susan knew she had done everything possible to send Jeff off ready for a great day.

The Jump Start Bars were even more successful than the waffles. Jeff really seemed to love them; he said that with the nuts and fruit swimming in nougat and caramel they were better than any candy bar. It tickled Susan pink knowing Jeff believed these sinful snacks were actually health bars! She noticed almost immediately that the Jump Start bars boosted his interest in lunch. Just two days after she packed his first bar in his lunch, she knew he was hungrier when he asked her to add a few things to his packed lunch. Two days after that, he asked that Susan pack two bars in his lunch every day. She guessed that he was more eager to eat because it sounded like he was eating lunch a little earlier in the day. Best yet, the bars seemed to be boosting his appetite. He was so hungry at the end of the day that he had started picking up a snack on the way home. Even having had a late afternoon snack, he was so desperate for dinner that insisted on helping her get dinner on the table as quickly as possible.

Susan patted Jeff’s pudgy belly roll and stroked upward over his tight overstuffed stomach. Rubbing gentle circles on his stomach, she looked up and found that he had fallen asleep. His head nodded forward, scrunching up the very first hint of a double chin on her formerly fat-free fitness nut.

With a silent squeal of delight, Susan squeezed Jeff in a bit of a hug before hopping off to get her camera. She loved Mrs. Claus’ photo album idea and tried to take pictures whenever she could.
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