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Originally Posted by RedVelvet View Post
Nevermind..I love James too much to be anything but as nice as I can be.
RedVelvet, my entire point was that everyone comes at this with different experiences, and that attitudes can vary greatly depending on those differences.

I'm truly glad that things have been relatively easy for you and I wish that were the case for more people.

I don't understand why hostility and personal attacks are necessary. You do not know about the history I've had with my "friend" and you are in absolutely no place to be so rude about it. I certainly regret mentioning it, but I thought this was a safe place.

I have not been lonely and I do not lead a lonely life. I do not advocate for any discrimination. I am a huge fan of the body acceptance movement. I'm sorry that anything I said angered you.

I am absolutely uncomfortable with any further posting on this forum, and so I wish you all the best of luck.

Edit: this is in reference to your deleted post, to which: wow.

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