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Originally Posted by RedVelvet View Post
Oh Liam....I'm sorry if you feel attacked. I honestly didn't feel anything but SAD for you. The idea that you felt that if you were perfectly honest and straightforward about your preferences with your BEST friend would mean rejection of you made my heart hurt.

Genuinely, sincerely.

I'm sorry that THAT was all it took to send you lurking again..I genuinely am.....I think its better for you if you stay and I go, instead.

I honestly hope that you become stronger about will need it, don't you think? I mean ...this is obviously still conflict for you...That can't be fun.

Meanwhile...I'll be gone, ok?
RedVelvet, you're obviously a worthwhile contributor and I don't think you should go.

If anything, I'd just ask James to delete my posts thus far since they've apparently hit a nerve, which was unintended, and because they reference people that I probably should have left out of the conversation entirely. Directing attention at them makes me exceedingly uncomfortable.

James, can you do that?
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