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Originally Posted by RedVelvet View Post
Heh..Liam..I just meant this thread! You ain't rid of me yet. I am glad you responded...

May I please just say this:

I have posted posts that become 30 pages of intense discussion. So, I really do understand the squirmy feeling you are feeling. Don't worry..Its good, even if it feels squirmy. I'm considered a nice person by some here, and a bitch by others. ( some of the "nice" camp actually knows me in person, so thats a relief)...You will, unless you are completely and utterly without opinion, piss someone off eventually.

Yes, its contentious around here for people of varying opinion. The reason, one assumes, James is perfect as mod for this forum, is that he is VERY kind, for starters ...and incredibly patient with this. Also, probably runs a tight ship.

I am very attracted to the FA forum, because I love mature, smart, thoughtful FA men and women....and here's where some of them are..yay.

But..I also know I should probably avoid the forum, because its extremely difficult, as a fat person, to be thought of as a "problem" that needs to be dealt with...whether its for yourself, your workplace, society, etc.

So.....I probably shouldn't be here..and should probably just wait outside while the growth (hopefully) happens in here.

Kinda like just tastes don't wanna know how its made..

(heh...I said sausage)
RedVelvet, I agree with you on your points and I tend to think the conversation was worthwhile, I just realized that I posted too much information about a certain individual, and I'm not really comfortable with that given. . . some things I'd rather not discuss.

Contentiousness is fine and very often productive, I just wish I limited the scope of the conversation to myself, and I didn't.
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