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liam can now change their title

James, thanks for your edits of my posts. Thou art truly a god among mods.

I need to remember to be a little more anonymous on "teh intarwebs;" I'm fine with being upfront with who I am but I need to protect those close to me when they aren't willing participants in the conversation. Like I said, or at least clumsily tried to, we all have our own particular history and resultant issues, and they aren't always cut-and-dry results of immaturity.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: From now on, I shall only speak from my own POV and only from my own experiences and shall not bring unwilling innocents into the conversation.

Everyone else, I'd regret pushing a poster out of the conversation, so please don't leave on my account. I'd just ask that the conversation remain respectful (eg, refrain from stating that someone's life and relationships etc are "sad") as much as possible, as that certainly does not provoke any particular willingness to converse in an open and frank manner.

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