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Originally Posted by Teleute View Post
I've been so focused on it is because I'm never entirely sure where I fit in. I'm not exactly androgynous in the way most people think of it; it's more like I'm alternately extremely masculine or extremely feminine, always full swing of the pendulum. There are times when I revel in the voluptuous femininity of my body, all fertility-goddess-earth-mother style, and there are times when I feel like I should have a penis, like I'm missing something that should be a part of me.
Teleute, you and me both

I recently attended an all-queer women's dinner gathering with a date, and we thought it would be fun to crossdress - her as a man and me as a woman. But then I thought, hey waitagoddamnminute....

I must say the response at the dinner (I felt) was akin to something you get after not having gone to church for the longest time, and then finally showing up at church.

Alot of the women I knew at the dinner were pleasantly surprised on the surface, although for some of them I could tell there was some degree of confusion. Someone actually asked me why I suddenly decided to wear a dress. My response was that I just felt like it. One of the butches even went as far as to flirt with me (just because I was wearing a dress).

But really, throughout all this, I sometimes felt strange - like this isn't really me.

Originally Posted by Cors View Post
I like the Feeldoe worn with tight white boxer briefs, which also helps with the heaviness of it if that is an issue for you and it is fun to jerk off with (my favourite part about having a cock really), alone or with a partner.
OK!! Time to shop for a feeldoe!! (but these things are so goddamn expensive here!)

Hmmm I will probably get a pantstuffer first and see how it goes from there.
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