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Very interesting topic!

Personally, I feel that I am more than somewhat bi-gendered. I am biologically VERY female, though bloodtests confirm I do make extremely high levels of androgen and about the same amount of testosterone that a teen boy makes while maintaining the estrogen levels of a grown woman. So, well, chemically speaking I AM bi-gendered. Regrettably my genitalia does not reflect this, though I would love nothing more than to have a full functioning set of both reproductive organs.

In life, I have found myself attracted to typically masculine roles as well as typically feminine roles. I work in hospitality management as well as running my own graphic design and illustration business, on top of that I model. I am at once very masculine and very feminine. I do not see one being stronger than the other and like Cors, oftentimes when I dress to the nines I feel a good bit like a drag queen and that is alright with me!

Really the only thing that delineates my gender is my genitalia. I would love to have a penis as well as my vagina. Sexually, I have had quite a few gay men and straight women attracted to me just because of my personality. Sexual tension ensues and sometimes a strap on comes into the picture. I guess it isn't so different from a man with a micro penis using an aide to satisfy his partner where he is physically lacking.

Someone talked about masturbation earlier and the shifting arousal points during masturbation. I think what you think about while you masturbate is a very good indicator of your true sexual feelings. There is no sexual partner to cater to, just yourself working towards a goal of release by any means necessary. As for myself, there are times when I picture myself as a man having sex with either men or women and orgasm with the typical male hip thrusting, projecting that energy outwards. There are also times when I imagine myself a woman having sex with either men or women and orgasm with a deep feeling of the need to be penetrated and to envelop.

I can not help but wonder if this is a genetic or sociological conundrum. Perhaps it is both. Today, more than ever we really do have to be both masculine and feminine just to survive and thrive. Think of the women who MUST work and are also mothers, or the men who are top level executives and MUST maintain that GQ metrosexual look all while being sensitive to others needs and feelings.

I know one thing is for sure: We as humans have an unlimited capacity to adapt, both psychologically and physiologically. Physiological factors take generations to perfect, psychological adaptation can occur in a matter of minutes.
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