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Default Hmmm.....

I'm not going to even begin to try to place some label on you for your behaviors.... but as a self-proclaimed "fairly intelligent individual", don't you think you might want to re-examine your entertainment choices?

All I'm saying is, it sounds like you're essentially seeking thrills at a very basic level.... whether it's sex or the adrenaline rush of a fist-fight with a stranger.

I think a lot of people have similar interests, but they find "safer" ways to achieve the rush .... like playing paintball, or video games or competitive sports, or ??

I dunno.... I think almost *all* of us like sex, but like a lot of stuff, you can have "too much of a good thing". And if you're doing it simply to substitute for going out and getting in fights? Maybe you could benefit from finding some other activities to spend time and energy on?

(And yep, some people drink, some people smoke, and some people sit around and watch a lot of TV. None of those things turn out to be very good for people though, when done too often/habitually. Better to mix it up and do a little of each, on occasion, mixed with other interests.)

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I confess I'm addicted to sex. For me it's either having sex and self pleasuring or going out on the weekends and getting into fist fights... I'm a fairly intelligent individual so I don't think categorizing me into a psychotic or nymphomaniac would be appropriate, not that someone who could be these things couldn't be intelligent. It's just what I CHOOSE to do. Some people drink, some people smoke, some people watch TV; I have sex, or whoop ass.
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