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This is a great question, because so many FA's come into the realization that they are FA's through fantasy, through the distant desire for a beautiful fat man or woman who's way, way, way out of the realm of possibility for them.

I've had so many fantasies in which I expressed my desire to be with, have sex with, or live my life with a fat partner that it would be hard to pick and choose which ones I'd want to be real and which I wouldn't care to experience in reality. Probably a good lot of them I'd want to keep in the closet. But I'm open to changing my mind one day. For example, there are just some things I haven't done yet with a fat partner that I'm just really looking forward to doing, once the right guy comes along. They are fantasies that are going to give me a lot of satisfaction if I get a chance to make them real.

That's life, you know. At one point (usually an earlier point) you have a dream about something and can't imagine how it could be real for you. Then over the years you get bold, and realize that that desire, whatever it is, is really strong. You never shook off those fat fantasies, they're a part of you.

But, I'll tell you, one fantasy that I wish were true and real is the following:

Being fat brings no health problems. Being fat is actually really good for you. The fatter you are, the longer life you will live. Your blood pressure will be amazing. You'll have really low cholesterol and your blood sugar will at great levels, if you're fat. You won't suffer any back problems or respiratory problems.

And another:

Everybody is fat!
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