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Default Sure, I wish

I'm well aware that my fantasies often go far beyond the limits of biology and health and all that jazz. But honestly, who limits their fantasies to what's realistic? (that's rhetorical, I actually assume most people stay well within the guidelines of reality when fantasizing)

So my basic answer would be "Hell yes, I want reality to match my fantasies." But the caveat is that it needs to meet my fantasies completely. If my fantasy is me or my partner gaining an ungodly amount of weight, there also needs to be "no health issues" thrown in, because excessive sweating and labored breathing don't fit in with my fantasy.

If we're not allowing for the sudden appearance of magic or dramatic leaps in scientific technology, then I would still like to see my more mundane fantasies come true, such as hooking up with a fat woman who's happy at her size, doesn't worry about dieting and can share my love of food. And preferably one who enjoys my own extra pounds as well, though neither I nor she would have to fulfill any feeder/feedee roles. As hard to fulfull as that may be, it's still more realistic than my immobility fantasies.
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