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Well I did reply the most thought provoking, best response EVER yesterday (honest) but it seemed to have gotten deleted (oopsy daisy me)!

I think I've always agreed with this topic but without thinking about it in much detail. I understand where you're calling it bi-gendered, when you compare it to being bisexual. I totally agree that it's a continuous scale rather than a discrete binary gender, exactly the same as peoples' sexuality.

Growing up I was always considered the tomboy. First girl on the football team, loved playing rugby, always in trousers and a t-shirt and climbing trees. I did have the odd feminine quality in amongst it all though. In the last ocuple of years I've discovered my more feminine side; wearing skirts, even dresses (and the odd flowery dress!!!), doing arts and crafts, whatever. I still however do feel just as comfortable in masculine clothes, but some days just want to don a pair of high heels!

I do not consider myself a man trapped in a woman's body, and do not consider surgery at all. I LOVE being a woman (I am particularly proud of my boobs), however I've always been conscious about the fact that I would feel comfortable with a penis in that I would happily put on a strap on and assume the male role during sex. I enjoy the idea of doing this and then reaching around to stimulate my male partner as if his penis is an extension of me.

So, in short, yes. And I know that as a child I still wouldn't have become a man. As much as I enjoyed the masculinity I still feel a woman.
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