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Originally Posted by Seventy-Seven View Post
My fantasies are relatively mild - no inflation, morbid obesity, or facesitting- so yes.

I'm currently writing a story where a BBW runs a small polyamorous fetish club (5 people) out of her apartment. Admittedly, I got the idea for that by thinking of something I'd want to be a part of myself.

The ability to get together intimately with a small circle of friends who share my FAism would be awesome, but I know that (like in the story) it would probably take years of canvassing online to find people in my area willing to do that.

However, one of my other fantasies - finding a fat FFA who loves me - has already come true.
Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. My poly fantasy involves gathering together all my friends and everyone I've ever loved (and their current lovers, where applicable) into a huge house with lots of food so we all could have wild crazy sex and get plenty big and none of us would ever have to be alone anymore. But it's more likely I'll become a billionaire overnight and buy a huge house than get all these people, with their own lives and careers and particular hang-ups, to agree to something like that. But fantasies do have their place. When we look at them for what they are and not as a replacement for real life, they lend us insight into our own psyche, our own fetishes, and speak to our deepest needs when we cannot even admit them to ourselves. And they also turn us on when no one else is around
"Life rewards people who move in the direction of greatest courage." -- Franklin Veaux
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