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Default IC whats gona happen tonight

Im here hard at work at the moment, Im run my own business, I will finish at about 3pm, then i will take my lovely soft curvy fiance out (who is much more of a woman than she used to be size 14 to 24in 4yrs), we will go to a high quality food store and she will fill our shopping basket with loads of gorgeous tasting goodies, eclairs, triffules, chocolates, doritos, cupcakes etc, she will buy something to eat in the car on the way home too. At about 7pm we will devour a lovely chinese takeaway (enough for 4 people betwwen us), she will continually snack all night until about 11pm, when we go to bed and make love, most likely she will be on top of me eating fresh cream chocolates and eclairs as she rides me, being stuffed from both ends in total pleasure, as i rub her soft beautifull fat stuffed belly she will be telling me how all this food will make her even fatter and will i still be able to cope with her in 5yrs time when she is so much bigger. Hmm got to work now its 8.45am, hopefully i will get some cash in to pay for our expensive evenings pleasure.
This seems to be what happens regularly now on sat evenings, I do wonder what the future will be, but as long as my girl is happy then so am I
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